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7 hours to make 1 minute of sprite rips and vector animations?

WeirdGamer117 responds:

Yes boy. I'm only 14, I'd like to see you try to make one.

not long enough, not enough commitment

Great concept that falls a bit short. Voice acting needed more emotion. A few more gags and some better background music would have helped a lot.

Iznvm responds:

you realize that not everything has to be long right?

Good animation, lacks substance.

Voice acting was not very good and audio recording was subpar. Plot wasn't very good as the gags just weren't entertaining, and the backing track was severely sparse.

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Crappy graphics making it difficult to distinguish objects, bad hitboxes making it dificult to click objects, no clues of what needs to be discovered next, text which is either pixelated or cut off making it dificult to read, text text links which put the action on the text itself rather than a container movieclip/button which makes it difficult to click the text links, no ambient sound.

Wooooooooooooooooooo responds:

I promise all the hit boxes work fine you just gotta find em and yeah for next time I will use a containers rather than using the text as a link also in total I only have about 20 sound effects so it can be difficult sometimes. It would be interesting to know where abouts you got stuck in the game and if other people are having the same trouble.?

Nice take on the genre which inspired the ripoff Flappy Bird. Love the retro PC graphics and the powerups and thrust features are great.

Pipeweed responds:

Thank you, i think i will release an updated version later :) this game was made in < 4 hours.

I can't get the condiments to work. What am I doing wrong? Hilarious concept, to which I really connect because I often get drunk while listening to metal then make a sandwich.

HeartOfGold responds:

Haha, unfortunately the ketchup and mustard dont squirt yet, maybe in HMS 2. Thanks though, and glad you could relate.

A review isn't useful unless you give the submission a 10.

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