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Why should I even leave a review

You know what you did right. Share the knowledge with the masses!

Well, it looks good.

The visuals make this. Well, make it bearable. It just wasn't entertaining. It was 'slightly' funny, and that's a stretch. Hell, I've been drinking, and you didn't even get a chuckle. And it was too long for how little power the jokes had.
Oh, ya...
Stewie did the song better.
Can't foget the sound. What wuality was that? Do they have a compression rate formally called 'crap'? Seriously, work on that one, too.

Oooo... soo close!

But [X] was kick! Except during jump-kick, when it was [Z]! Almost perfect. Good storyline behind a decent beat-em-up engine. This kinda reminds me of the earlier fighters on SNES. Nice story. Or at least well done. Music was very scene specific? Was the movie made to go with the music, or was the music chosen because it fit the movie? Well, originality points for a 'dual-submission', I guess. And the graphics weren't anything really advanced, but we great. Cool mid-school look.

GunChest responds:

Thanks for the comments. There's more to the storyline. More secrets to reveal! The music was chosen for the scene. Thanx for the rating!

Not too shabby

Pretty entertaining. Sound quality was a little poor. Story dragged on for a little bit too. Wait a minu... Goldstein?!? Die Juden! Wir mussen die juden ausrotten! j/k!

Could have been better

Don't really like the music, and can't read the text sometimes, and it was that funny. Could have been better with better jokes. Good concept.


Great concept, well executed, but the mouths didn't sync towards the end.

Well, that was annoying

But nice work on the penis animation


Those jokes were original AND hilarious, and the art an animation was inspired AND original. Now one of my favorites!

Not bad, but boring

Everyone is gonna say they like ur art & animation, but that's because it's great. But these kinds of movies are boring, and ya, you need backgrounds and sound.

LocalNeroflash responds:

yeah i know, but i just made this because i hav'nt used flash fore a while, and then i just needed to come with some thing, well we got this...

and yes their boring, well thx for your review ^____^

Don't watch this

Dude, that was just stupid. Any score you would have gotten for effort is lost since that was so stupid.

A review isn't useful unless you give the submission a 10.

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