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7 hours to make 1 minute of sprite rips and vector animations?

WeirdGamer117 responds:

Yes boy. I'm only 14, I'd like to see you try to make one.

not long enough, not enough commitment

Great concept that falls a bit short. Voice acting needed more emotion. A few more gags and some better background music would have helped a lot.

Iznvm responds:

you realize that not everything has to be long right?

Good animation, lacks substance.

Voice acting was not very good and audio recording was subpar. Plot wasn't very good as the gags just weren't entertaining, and the backing track was severely sparse.

Still good

It just wouldn't be right if his head didn't catch fire. But not as good as Home. Better plot line and the music is really what made it. That and the kegger.

Nice, but a little less accurate than #1

Of course, how "accurate" can things be when there are several different "versions," even amongst modern incarnations, all of which were quilted together in a patchwork of what a group of rich and politically connected social elites deemed was "true," since, you know, you can vote on facts. That's totally how it works.

So, is Eve naturally bald or did God create the razor for her to smooth out the rough patch?

And I care why?

This submission lacked everyhting good about flash.
It was a damn slideshow with fucking Enya in the background.
No interactivity, no SFX, no plot, no animation.
Just some shitty pictures of a supposedly dead friend (I know the pain).
Damn, if he was that important then put some effort into it!

Gavin responds:

h j9

You ended it with fucking 1337?

Ok, so this wasn't a music video, but a video were the music had context. Good. Music videos that play out what is said in the song lacks creativity. But what was up with that ending? Well, the audio wasn't synched (try streaming it), but that may be caused by my slower computer (try automatically setting the quality based on predetermined computer specs). to test out what works best test it in the alphas section (top of the submit page).

Ad thsi submissio to yout favorite

hellz yae
It's always fun to taunt others
especially when they do things like that.

Good concept carried out very well, with funny graphics and clear sound.

It was 9/11

It had bad text tweens

You are 4 years too late.

There was no relevance to the song.

It was a slideshow.

Stop trying to ride on coattails.

And it's not synched! Put you're music into streaming!

BlueBlobClock responds:


The fotune cookie is Californian

You dumb down your thoughts and ideas to make others happy.

A review isn't useful unless you give the submission a 10.

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