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I just keep watching, man...

Jesus Hernandez! Well, that's about the jist of it. makes complete sense when you don't think about anything. I love the outline of the "NG user" and how I can _almost_ see the shapes in the comp's screen. I love what you've done.

EvilBerryClock responds:

thanks for the review :)

More pointless sticks

Ok, fxf. that's cool. But fuckin sticks. With no plot, just thin excuses for violence. Oh, and change that "Back to Main" text to a symbol that you can actually click. It's like a mini-game trying to get back to the selection screen.

Xurch responds:

Yea like I said I just wanted to animate sticks.

Yes, "peace" of garbage

...A real gratuate wrote that...
Sometimes a good idea is all it takes. Inspiration and all. This was funny, and it took barely any work. Well done for a cheap laugh.

GoldenClock responds:

Hahaha, ha.

OK, fine...

but it's a damn slideshow. This is better left to e-mail forwards and tribute sites. It's not artisitic, it doesn't have redeeming qualities relating to flash. And it's not original. About the only thing good about it was how clear the sound was.

Hey, not bad

Very offbeat, but not quite like Knox. People will try to draw a correlation simply because it's claymation and the humor is not a one-liner like a sitcom. Love the way the style came out, character design is great. resolution and framerate ration could have been improved. Can't say much about the sound because I'm on one of the school's computers. The graphics are all that bring this down, that and it's short. But you're dealing with a limited filesize, so...


like the message and all, but it could have been done better.


You don't have my vote because of some sentimental schlock. That blew. the song was alright, but what was that? animation was where? oh, and what a premise. You are an attention whore you vomitted a horrible flash in an attampt to garner fame.


A blam point!

Mediocre drawing and animation. Boring lack of sound (if you havew no mike, use low-volume background music). Just not interesting, because it's like those "kill this guy" flash games, except without the user interaction. I could go on but this doesn't deserve any more time.


That was hilarious! I laughed more than once.
20XX? Holy MegaMan poop!

And they just recycled mouth movements without moving the character. It's terrible I tell you! Terrible!

The story wasn't that great, in fact a little cliched. But the way the story moved along had promise. I say rework the script and reanimate it. It wasn't that bad contextually, but everything was done so poorly. The sound quality also suffered.

I knew it...

When you are a lame-duck president you have to wag the dog.

LocoChico is a crazy bitch, and linkdude seems to only like government-sanctioned propaganda. Seems he never learned anything from Orwell.

The only thing that suffered in this movie was the lack of actual moving pictures. I think stop-motion would have helped. The words jumping around were done really well. The song was great. Overall, very good, contextually and compositionally.

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