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Dood, what was that crap

Screw you newbies, but this blew! First, poorly drawn/animated. And my impression was that there was a theme... I think. But it was all just random, and I mean this, crap. If you're gonna do random there's random that's entertaining and then there's just random. This was the latter. It's not entertaining, so why watch it. Third, and this was my BIG peeve, no return to menu. Nope! Had to us the RC, and no matter if I hit Play or Rewind, back to the Preloader! at least you had the sense to use that. Seriously, this should burn in hell.

it's called a dreidel

say it with me now...

Kamasutra responds:

yea. about that. ive been to lazy to change it

Why can't the Bob and Tom crew SHUT UP!

They laugh over everything. Try gettin some Stephen Lynch on Bob & Tom. They ruin the experience. They need to STFU. But the bit was funny. Animation wasn't that great. Sound woulda been better without those braying asses in the bg. Thanks for sharing.

So, you did screen captures?

And also audio... what? You added a mouse interface, too? Big friggin deal! Almost nothing was your own, so you don't deserve any points.

Kolibiri responds:

Thanks, I'm glad it's your favourite Flash movie of all time.


pacman tweening across the screen and a vidcap? I already mailed Wade about Ep. 8 then 6. All it was was off-site promotion. You're gettin banned. Leave NG to the ppl who love art, not stinksticks like you!

Television responds:

You're an idiot. The advertisements are just a joke. And it's funny that you mention "art" when you have knox in your favorites.

I don't know what to say

except good mood, and EXCELLENT ending. you should write for some of the animators here. GO TO THE FORUM! No! Start a topic that you can write scripts. Either that or make another flash as good as this one, possibly one that could be longer. This one was perfect length, so don't think longer means better.

Insanatic responds:

Thanks, I am really happy people liked the ending, I hope I can keep entertaining you with future flashes.

I can't believe I watched the whole thing

First, no one cares which games you have beaten.
Now that that's out of the way, I don't care if you traced the ass, it looked real (don't listen to Ninja, I've seen nice big fat butt-pounding asses jiggly thusly). So kudos for the animation there. The rest of the animation really was just poor. I was gonna say it stunk, but I've seen worse, but I've seen a wholle lot that were much better. The sound was lacking and it didn't sync in some places. Like the framerate was too slow. Finally, I didn't even "chuckle" It was slightly humourous, but work on that.
Overall, this was an average flash; I've seen much better, and I've seen much worse.
I deffinitely don't think it's FP material, though.

So you can draw

but the animation was bad and (I really shouldn't have to point this out, but) the sound was TERRIBLE. Terrible cuts, mixing, and the quality wasn't anything special. In addition, it just isn't interesting.

CableX responds:

I ran out of ideas after saying "OMG I like teh z0mb13s LOL !!!111!!11" in my head.

I had a monkey do the sound for me.

Keep trying

Too short and graphics were barely ok. Also, not that entertaining.

Not really funny....

ppl might be voting just high b/c you made fun of him. OK. Well, it was pretty good. crisp sound and anim. Did you do screencapture or repruduce his art yourself? If you did I'm on the fence of 3-4... hmmm... ya know, maybe all that weiss kid needed was a hug instead of a cold harsh world full of indifferent uncaring ppl... hmmm.. I can't decide between a 3 or 4. I'm gonna have to go with a 3 cuz it wasn't as funny as it could have been. The soud could use just a "little" work, too. Voices and SFX, but they are almost perfect.

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