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The clocks have come a long way

If you have ever hated or simply just not liked a clock flash, then don't watch this if you want to retain that opinion.

Beautiful plot, wonderful soundtrack, detailed graphics. Still the compVoices, but hey! they're clocks.


This is like the 3rd Blam movie I've seen today (I think) and this one was pretty funny. Needs work on the sound (of course). If you like making fun of bad stick flashes, check out the only thing I've submitted to NG to date.

Not bad

Nice effects, and your objects moved well. The sound cut out a little early, I'd check the famerate, but it was barely before the end. Could have been improved, but still well done.

PurpleHaze responds:


I gave this a 5 because...

"Kill him." I HAVE this. It's at my rents. I made a porn with this program featuring nothing but library objects. Oh, how perverted I was when I was a.. well, I don't know how old I was. Basicvally, you got a 5 because people need to learn of this product. Otherwise it's a 3.

Wow, you can do a preloader...

for a first flash that's impressive on NG, even though one is offered by NG! Why don't newbgrounders use the free preloader? Anyways, that was a sweet preloader, and the animation was kinda funny, altogether. The art was so-so, but the style was flavorful. The sound could use some work. The story went nowhere, but that was part of the humor for me. I gave it a 2, woulda been 3 with better quality sound. Nice work for a first.

I voted high

even though it was just alittle better than average (at needs work) because I was affraid some people might not "ret ir" and BLAM the submission. My fears were allayed when I saw the score. I should have voted truthfully... but I have no shame because my actions were venerable.

suck ass

what was the point of the crappy music that gets piped into our local thrift store being used for this really bad animation?


A facehugger with a lightsaber? Was it having sex with him? Why didn't "Neo" bleed?

That's one long-ass wick!

I woulda lke to see him plow the beheaded corpse, too...

The beginnings of beauty

Kinda styled like that one site from the one guy who had Tales from Hell or something.

heh. Lot better than the last submission, and I thought that was good. Haven't been to your site since Bill & Ted was on The Romp. Damn, I'm not a very good netizen.

Anyways, sound was great this time, and the whole plot/dialogue went so well together and was so funny.

Made me want to make eggs & toast, though, and I'm outa bread. Damn stores closing early on Sundays. Fucking small town. Why do I even live here. Oh well, met my girlfrined here. Maybe I should work out more. Or finish that game I've been working on. I have class later today. And I need a job. Like I care, we're all gonna die someday.

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