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Not too long, not too short, a great parody, very topical, and extremely humorous. Pretty nice art/anim. On top of that complete physical "acting". Ppl should be taking after you. Nicely done.

OK, good for you

but it doesn't make a good flash.
BTW, have you ever tried that stuff? Ouch.

Amish-Tech responds:

this is obviosy the first time ive done something like this

Needs more

You can't just submit a "look what I can do" piece.

should this be considered good?

the base graphics were good but what anim was ther to speak of. the wist was as intense as a lemon twist in my ice-water. ok, it wasn't horrible, but it kinda sucked in graohics and story.

Zero-End responds:

YOu sure you're 23?

I think you're plugging that site...

It seems to be a competitor of Landover Baptist. It's too funny to be real. But in a subtle way, trying to trick the readers. If it's not a joke it's scary. Try looking for dinosaurs by asking the giraffe and butterfly about them in the kids corner. Funny flash, and if you look at more of the kids stuff it makes me think this site is a farce even moreso. Like the graphics with clean animation. Sound was alrite.


Just wasn't funny. Look up the other Terri films, they're hilarious. Try again. Nice graphics, though.

The eye-in-the dark gag, though...

You have to b e pretty sick in the head to think that up. "Button!"
And what's wrong with just showing blackness? Nobody does it. But my eyes don't glow!
Oh, and cheesy graphics, kinda went with it. Hehe! I like.

pretty alrite

Not a bad joke. Not the funniest I've seen, but pretty good. and nice anim, looked Dilbert-esque. The sounds kinda brought it down a little... like they needed to be tweaked.

Holy shit this guy can draw!

The scary clown thing is overdone, but he set the mood. the gore graphics coulda used some work. Sound fit. Too bad.

You blammers, spammers, and flamers are all tards

What's so bad about this? Doesn't NG love StickDeath and fight films? That's what this is, and Ive never gave them more than a 3. I woulda given this a 4, well, I'm teetering, if the animation weas great. gotta look again I guess. This is another Tsunami Loot-Up. In fact, this is going in my favs to remind me how stupid ppl are. By the way.. thanks for taking me from silver to gold!
OK, good f-by-f and nice effects. like the KKK imagery, boy, they sure are tough behind their masks. fluid. base graphics could use some work (but somehow I don't think they'll be improved...). It could have been longer. Overall, a 4, but since there was heart put into it, a 5. We can't invalidate his emotions, now then.

A review isn't useful unless you give the submission a 10.

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