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stupid premise ...

+ stupid punchline. saw it coming, still not funny.

fdigital responds:

Good for you. Now make me a cake.

too wierd

to blam. Man, seriously, wtf? sound blew get a better mic and one of the new creative audigys(audigies?). and a little too short. but made me laugh like a hell for more than half of it.

Frogcloset responds:

damn you logitech mich
Yep your right it blows

The beginnings of beauty

Kinda styled like that one site from the one guy who had Tales from Hell or something. SCREAMS ameture, but not crap, cuz the graphics are alright, but not professional, just like the voice. What sets it apart is the dialogue and plot, which is hilarious! If you improve both voice and graphics you could get far! But I didn't like the text disappearing right after it was loaded. Maybe make a 'next' button?

Matzerath responds:

Hey, he's right ... this cartoon does kinda remind me of me!

I'm the savior!

And I blammed it... too slow and no sound made it quite the opposite of interesting. There was what, that SFX when we get to hell? It shieks out on my Altec speakers that can rumble my floor even though they are on my desk and turned down as far as they can go. You need to work on the sound and speed to keep ppl interested.

What did I miss?

Nice character design, but the anim sucked and the story blew harder than a sorority girl trying to get free beer. Ya, I said it.

And what was the point w/ the cursor?

ToMDAFAtCAt responds:

Wow, pretty bold statement from a dude that doesnt animate. Hmm... the point of the cursor? Considering the movie is called match point *a recurring theme through the movie*, my guess would be that the movie had something to do with tennis. Now, why would i use a tennis racket to represent, dumbass! And if you still don't get it, what i just wrote was all sarcasm..

That was great

whs that all flash? It looked a lot like a game engine ppl played around w/ bout 10 yrs ago... anyhu, funny stuff, once it get s towards the end. I could feel the smile on my face stick. can't believe it's over... for now... but everything was appropriate for the context. graphics coulda used a little more work, but your not god.

Astropuff responds:

I hope I'm answering your question when I say " I used swift 3-d to make the backgrounds and some of the objects(beach chair, animated stereo)".

And I purposely tried to keep the graphics rather simple because I have done pretty much no FBF before, and for this cartoon I wanted to give a more lively effect by drawing in the body parts and even animating the entire character at times. I tweened the other movies and they just looked to dead to me, and I'm happy I took the chance to experiment with a new animation style. Graphics are something I can improve on over time, and I'm hoping some FBF will help me with that.

Good but not great (but close)

Well, nice anim. Really nice. I mean wow. And AiC always kicks ass. But did theygo together? Kinda. So it was alright. Maybe SFX???
Oh, and txt playing after the loader before the Play button?

It just wasn't interesting

And it deffinitely wasn't well executed. I don't know if this was a good idea for a skit. Might have been. Maybe if you can come up with a better storyline, do animation that isn't just all tweening, maybe a couple of sceenes with a few diff bg, throw in some voice talent. Maybe we'll see how it goes with Breaking 2: Electric Boogaloo

GrimJuju responds:

flash is harder then you think, try it sometime. :P

Dood, what was that crap

Screw you newbies, but this blew! First, poorly drawn/animated. And my impression was that there was a theme... I think. But it was all just random, and I mean this, crap. If you're gonna do random there's random that's entertaining and then there's just random. This was the latter. It's not entertaining, so why watch it. Third, and this was my BIG peeve, no return to menu. Nope! Had to us the RC, and no matter if I hit Play or Rewind, back to the Preloader! at least you had the sense to use that. Seriously, this should burn in hell.

it's called a dreidel

say it with me now...

Kamasutra responds:

yea. about that. ive been to lazy to change it

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