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Well, that was annoying

But nice work on the penis animation


Those jokes were original AND hilarious, and the art an animation was inspired AND original. Now one of my favorites!

Not bad, but boring

Everyone is gonna say they like ur art & animation, but that's because it's great. But these kinds of movies are boring, and ya, you need backgrounds and sound.

LocalNeroflash responds:

yeah i know, but i just made this because i hav'nt used flash fore a while, and then i just needed to come with some thing, well we got this...

and yes their boring, well thx for your review ^____^

Don't watch this

Dude, that was just stupid. Any score you would have gotten for effort is lost since that was so stupid.


Maybe it will get all those ppl bitching over Tsunami Loot-Up to get off their asses. Nice choice of music.

Creative use of genetalia.

To those who think that Not Safe For Work material is disgusting, please feel free to detain yourself from watching this amazing flash. OK, not amazing, but astonding. I've seen people make stuff out of fruits and other things, but that was crazy. A little long though.

OMG! A must for your Fav list!

This was incredible. Everyone should watch this to see how to do graphics, animation and sound.

Sure, sure... Bob's your uncle, mate

Good art and some interesting kills, but really, do we need another one of these? The animation was all right, the whole "Cutesy vs. Killer" thing. Oh, my; German industrial over a fight sequence in flash??? Also, some of the movements seemed a little slow while others were quite fast. SFX were clean. Overall, it just wasn't very entertaining.


What the hell did he take at that party? I think I want some. Loved how the other two just kinda looked at him. Kinda dissappointed at the ending, though... Just can't get over that ending... needed something more. Oh, and the voice was either too fast or not enounciated enough. A little hard to understand.

dookiemoole responds:

thelordofchees = balls

Take a look, I guess

Not as trippy as I expected from the intro. Not that bad, but what i think brought it down was not enough hypno-discs and too much fanboy art. And, of course, the bad techno "boom-che-boom-che" beat. In me annoyances that arises.

PureCarnage responds:

Well, this flash is going to go through revisions where my other flash will not.

It will be the one evolving piece I have, like Starwars was to George Lucas, I will attempt to birth newer more interesting versions of this flash.

It's something I've wanted to do for a long time.

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