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Needs work

Ya, the artwork wasn't bad, but the animation didn't sync with the sound. How old was the voice actor? Batman sounded hilarious. there were maybe 2 times that I laughed, and it was more like a "Heh' with a smile. It ended abrubtly, kaing me feel like I got gypped for watching the whole thing and not getting asn ending.

not bad at all

Simple graphics with good animation effects. Very technical. The Tick got beaten with a fish! Also, good joke.

Please don't hurt 'em Peter

What the fuck did I just see? Ok, well, good sound quality. Um, that..was...scary, but... in a bad way. I hope you did this as a joke. As for other viewers, watch this now, because I'm sure it will get blammed.

FrostRhino responds:

Yea twas maybe a joke I suppose. Definately not a serious flash atleast. Took me about 2 hours, and that wasnt two sweaty hours of hard work. I had fun making it and some people have fun watching it.

A spoof

Well, it looks like you had fun making it, so good for you! Other than that, there isn't much appeal. That guy who warns Amy is the only one whose acting I enjoyed. It look like he really meant it! Well, soryy, but this really isn't that good. I knida wish I hadn't watched it, but I'm glad I did, because it's fairly good for a spoof. To see a wonderful spoof look up Aicha 2 (after Aicha, of course). I'm sure if you're bred another time you'll enjoy those.

That was very depressing

I almost expected the last shot to cut into Hellen Feilding being chased by the Monty Python troupe dressed as bobbies and Benny Hill in a gorrila suit. But it didn't. Heavy, man. Deep, well done. Love the animation effects, the music, and the hiss/crackle. Made it seem old or ameutre-made film. Tasteful.

Is it Chrono Trigger?

A lot of this is just walk-cycles over a BG. The stuff that was more animated wasn't anything special. The music was good and the SFX synced. Not much of a storyline to speak of. Add a little more and it would be a good trailor to a longer film.

Wasn't that Skeletor?

SFX and music were very appropriate and hillarious. Loved the dialogue, and good voice work. Pretty good artwork and animation. Characters were awesome, and concept was insanely funny. Strange and wonderful. Keep 'em comin'.

Not worth the time to watch it

ANOTHER MusVid... eh heh. What the music had to do with attempted genocide, I know not. Graphics were standard. Sound was clean. No real point and not that entertaining.

dookiemoole responds:

u know u love it

School is good

That's a pretty cool school project. I mean the idea and all. The graphics were pretty standard, but they synced. Demi-laughs for the gags. Sound quality needed evened out. Maybe learn to use Cool Edit Pro and take a little time while doing the voice work. Those improvements might have made this a 7 or 8.

dookiemoole responds:



Graphics were below standard. Couldn't read some of the text at the beginning because of the lack of contrast. And Ooo boy, another music video. Yay. Storyline wasn't that bad. The bottle part actually made me cringe a little. In the EYE! It wasn't too bad, but it was nothing great.

dookiemoole responds:

but... it took me like 4 and a half months

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