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What did that have to do with coffee?

Again, you show that you can animate. However, this animation had nothing to do with the content of the, er, um... script. But most commercials don't, anyways. You should be in advertising. Of course, advertising would be a waste of talent. I'm gonna keep checking out your stuff to see if you can come up with a good script. I saw "Just Once" and that thing, even though you said it was a parody of a love story, you also said it was good. It was neither. And I love how you praise everyone for just saying "I like you. You are GRAET!" I read some of your review responses, and you cannot take constructive criticism. I even mentioned you in my profile!

dookiemoole responds:

dude calm down, i just joke around, i can definitely take criticism. just lately i've just kidna ignored bad reviews and just wrote funny responses. I guess text cannot show emotion :(

Excellent work

Great character desing, good music, entertaining and kept my interest. Audio and visual excellence and wordless storytelling. Perfect! And I loved the sequel even more.

A true 10

A gave this submission a 10 because it simply didn't deserve it. Does that make sense? About as much as this short. Seriously, give it up. I've seen your name around the portal, and really, this is why you have your reputation.

Technical achievment, virtual sucking

Good art and effects most of the time. That song bites a big one. Mouth didn't match up, either. Storyline was a snoozer. Sound at the end was horrible. You were laughing because you were so high that you thought that this was a good short overall. Get someone to give you a good script and I'm sure you'd make a dynamite flash.

dookiemoole responds:

a perfect representation of the usually apparent idiocy of humans

Stop EATING the microphone!

Boring, with the fact that you are a mouth-breather who love the taste of audio recording equipment. Not funny, sad, dramatic, or anything entertaining.

What's everyone's problems and stuff?

Good. Foamy got shot in ther head. Good. He'd be proud. Fuckin boo-hoo goth-girl shows some spine. Great spoof. Those who gave zeros are just clamoring about their deceased demi-god. Fact of the matter, yes, Foamy deserved it and Foamy definitely advocates violence. All those who gave it less than a five should start their own Flash websites and only allow homoginized crap to be hosted.


The artwork was cool but the animation was subpar at times. Some really good light and color terchniques, but character movement was lackluster most of the times. The story gets off to a really slow start, and contiunues at a still slow pace. The movie is too long, and as for the "experimental" music, well, it's only experimental to people who listen to national FM broadcast radio, but it really is boring. I mean, Enya is more exciting. Not nearly as good as Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute! Oh, the SFX.... annoying. So, with a plot that is more pretentious than entertaining, music that tries to hard and fails, silly sounds that don't fit, and great artwork with mediocre animation this flash can only be summed up with 'eh'.

A review isn't useful unless you give the submission a 10.

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